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Default Re: A very positive review from a guy who hated the first 2 films

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
I definitely think Bale gave his best performance in TDKR, I agree with that 110%. Like I've said before, the first scene of Batman returning felt like the most complete Batman vision in this whole trilogy, or at least, what my preference is.

That elemental, ghost-like quality, but more than that, he seems regal in a sense. The suit, the two vehicles, the way he turns the lights out before we see him, how he upends the biker and ropes the hostage. In BB, he was more ferocious, more in your face. Here, he was just...The Batman. It just felt like that...
The way he pauses for a few seconds to look around; taking it all in as the cops begin to swarm in on him - I just love that! It's like Bruce is thinking to himself "Yeah, I'm still a pretty big deal. I've got this."

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