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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

I still enjoy the show very much but there are some things I don't like

1.first thing is first - I would absolutely not have cast Katie Cassidy as Laurel. This is wrong casting on many levels , the actress isnt strong enough to carry a lead role nor suitable enough either. But this is CW so I sort of expected a weak and generic casting like this for their female leads.
2. I would have got rid of the sisters.
3. Im not bothered by starling city too much. I would have kept it star city though.
4. Would have not brought in these characters: (Tommy - too lex), Felicity (too stereotypical), (Diggle - too Alfred)
5. I would have brought in instead: Roy Harper, Arthur King as Merlyn, no IT tech role needed or a very underused IT guy for a change.
6. Oliver's dad would not have died by suicide but by drowning or starvation basically natural causes.
7. I would have introduced Helena as Laurel's old friend not as a love interest for Oliver

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