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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
I think some people are struggling with the fact that Nolan had a different approach for ALL THREE films:

Film 1: Conventional superhero origin story intentionally modeled in part after Superman: The Movie with traditional plotting. Focus on three act story of the hero's journey a la Campbell.

Film 2: Multi-faceted ensemble piece that turns superhero conventions into a wider crime drama. Focuses are on how fantastic characters (Batman and Joker) cause semi-realistic institutions of modern day cities/societies to react, persevere and grumble including the DA, law enforcement, news media, political leadership, organized criminal elements, etc.

Film 3: A Dickensian epic about how a comic book extreme character (Bane) could cause a city/society to crumble in the wake of a revolution the likes of which we've seen in history and in current third worlds and how it effects the central protagonist of the last two films (Batman) on his journey to inner-peace. It is about class war, populism and moving beyond the arbitrary hero's journey.

None of them have the same approach. Therefore none of them feel the same.
Indeed. One reason why I love the trilogy. Each movie individually bends genres and the trilogy itself bends genres form film to film.

As far as the 4 film thing goes...well, that is just the nature of the beast when you're talking about boiling down an iconic comic book superhero into one story spanning 3 films. There's going to be stuff left out and unexplored potential. Emotionally, the jump from TDK to TDKR makes sense to me. Joker talks about how Batman will be "cast out" in TDK, foreshadowing the ending. And that's really how we find Bruce in TDKR, totally cut off from society.

To be honest, after I saw TDK I was a bit worried that the third film (if it got made) would have to go through the motions and have Batman hunted by the police, eventually redeemed and everything would be topped off with the bat-signal getting restored. Now, these things did happen in TDKR but none of them in a way I was expecting and I appreciated that. A movie where the focus was on Batman being hunted never really seemed like the most interesting option to me. I think that would have been a drag honestly, because it's just way too obvious that Batman's reputation would have to be restored by the end. TDKR dealt with that whole aspect in a way where it's there, but it's not the primary focus.

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