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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

Originally Posted by Glassjaw View Post
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I didn't see this posted anywhere else, IGN have done an opinion piece on the MoS handcuff poster.

'Yes, he could break those cuffs. But he won't, and that's the point'

It's a good read, and basically saying what we already know, but reading various comments around Facebook I couldn't believe the number of 'why doesn't he just break those cuffs, another ruined superhero film' etc. Which the article highlights as well.
One thing that I will mentioned regarding a point that was made in that article is that I hope that should MOS become a success and a launch a new franchise for the character, that they don't have Superman totally succumb to the government in future installments if he's put into that type of situations, where he ends up becoming nothing but a lackey for them, especially if the government that he's working for is evidently corrupt.

That is a interesting issue though; what would superman do if the very law that he was trying to abide by, suddenly became corrupted entirely due to someone, let's say Lex Luther, gained the means to run the entire thing. Should superman still submit himself to the law if it said that he had to do something that was morally wrong, but legally right? If he had evidence that said one person was clearly innocent, but due to the corruption within the system prevented from that coming to light, and thus saying that the person was sentenced to be falsely executed, should he just stand by and do nothing because the "law" said so? These are some serious things that they could dive into if they wanted to.

Where does Superman draw the line on how far he's willing to follow the given "law"?

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