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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper & Gifs/Avvy Thread II - Part 2

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I wish I could I say the same thing

I mean, for all of the negative stuff that the previous films (before Nolan's ones) had within them, especially the latter two, I felt like Batman looked more mobile in those suits when he was fighting, despite the fact that those suits were more restrictive in movements for the actors than the ones worn by Bale.

I would have actually liked to have seen a scene where when a thug tries to shoot Batman as he enters a room, Batman easily disarms the thug by throwing a Batarang at that individual.

To be honest, from what I've seen of Batman's method of fighting, he comes off more like a very good street fighter than an actual master of martial arts.
You bring up a good point. The opening fight scene in Forever is actually very well done and Batman comes off as someone who's able to walk into a room and beat six guys at the same time.


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