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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Bux Xeno is right on the money when she says that it's Clint and Tasha's "mundane" humanity that makes them superheroes....that they're "muggles" who dare to mingle with gods and monsters. Giving either of them true superpowers would be a great disservice to who they are.
That's a perfect quote. I'm not saying they're personally more relatable than Thor because they're human, but making them more than human would take something very special away from them.

Natasha has been around since 1964. For about 99% of that time, she showed no sign of possessing any of the traits of someone who took the super soldier serum. She is only as strong and agile as any top athlete, nothing more. You can't even point to slowed aging because all superheroes appear to age slowly simply because of story constraints within the comics universe. If Natasha really had any enhancements, if she was as old as she's supposed to be, one would have expected all that to have been apparent early on in her career.

Not having superpowers didn't make Natasha less important than other heroes. Actually, it highlighted her bravery that she went toe-to-toe with heavy-hitters with just her very human physical prowess and her tactical skills. Retroactively making her a super soldier just does not make sense and actually denigrates Natasha's long history as a heroine.
This exactly. The whole ageless super soldier schtick wasn't part of her original character but something that was retconned in later. It's in the comics now but the comics also have years to tell a story while the movies have 2.5 hours max, so I feel like trying to add this in won't only lessen her character for all the reasons already stated, but just add unneeded confusion into a movie that ultimately should have nothing to do with her.

MCU Clint is an assassin, which is nothing like his 616 counterpart who is staunchly against killing. Bucky was a scrawny teenage sidekick to Cap, again nothing like they made him in MCU, so why should Natasha's MCU history follow 616? Why can't she lose the 50 years of comics baggage and retcons and get a compelling MCU background that can appeal the the audience at large and not take anything away from the badass she has already been shown to be? Her past is clearly already different with how they had Clint spare her and bring her to SHIELD, but sets up for it's own interesting history for her both before and after that point. That I would love to see, but in their own movie where it belongs and would be given the attention it's due, not in a Captain America movie where giving Natasha lots of backstory would be out of place and take away from Steve, as well as the new characters they're trying to introduce.

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