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Default The Fantastic Four

Mark Millar Q&A: why an overhaul of the superhero genre was long overdue

Originally Posted by Liat Clark
Do you think studios are taking more risks as a result?

Definitely. Even a couple of years ago they wouldn't have let me across the door, so this is a paradigm shift and I think it's very interesting. If you look at Chronicle, they took its director Josh Trank and gave him Fantastic Four, and they looked at my stuff and now I'm doing a couple movies with Fox. They rang up and said we feel there's this new energy and we want it. They hadn't always had a huge success with Dare Devil and Fantastic Four, and X-Men was generally very good but some of the movies were uneven. And they wanted a more modern sensibility. I think that's the way it always works -- back in the early 90s they were hiring lots of Hong Kong directors, after John Woo they thought that's what we do now and I think after Kick-Ass and after Chronicle they're bringing in us guys to reach out to the superhero franchise.

They know I can do four quadrant family friendly stuff as well as the hardcore stuff. Something like Fantastic Four could lend itself to some more hardcore stuff. You've got to make it modern and resonate but you've also got to do something an eight-year-old can watch.

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