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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

I really like the description of Raimi's Spider-Man film (2002):

In 'Spider-man' (2002) Peter is fast-tracked into becoming the fully prepared superhero by the end of the film. Raimi did leave open a couple characterization points for a potential sequel, but there was an understanding that "if, for some reason, we don't get to make a 'part 2' then you should know that we've covered most of the major beats in Spidey's journey as a character." Sure the sequels threw some new dilemmas, moral or otherwise, at the character but for the MOST part the man he becomes by the end of the first film is who he continues to be throughout the sequels. His relationship status changes, and he goes through a couple patchy areas that test his convictions, but you could rest assured that by the end of each film he would be back to his crime-busting-web-slinging-super-responsible self.

Its a solid film on its own, that's for sure. I appreciate the film for being so, but at the same time, they really didn't plan for future sequels other than the Harry Osborn story. I think with TASM, they really have a story that can develop over the course of three films.

Raimi's first film didn't really leave itself anywhere to go. By the end Peter had...

- Graduated high school? Check.
- Come into his own as a superhero with a competent handle on his powers? Check.
- Established a clear sense of purpose with all his priorities about responsibility in order? Check.
- Successfully faced off and defeated his first major villain in life or death battle? Check.

TASM leaves me wanting more, and that's a good thing!

Although I think you rated the 2002 film too low, and my personal rating for TASM is 8.5/10, I really appreciate what you say about TASM and agree with almost everything you say. Thank you so much for posting this. Just so everyone can see:

As I said, part of Spider-man's appeal is that his adventures come in a long string or serial formatting. From the get go 'The Amazing Spider-man' is made with building to a sequel in mind, but that doesn't mean that the film makers have free reign to do whatever they want. TASM is still a single film, and seeing as it's not going to be releasing a second installment for a couple years (as opposed to a weekly tv series) the film needs to be at LEAST coherent and self-contained enough to deal with all of the major themes specific to THIS film. In regards to this consideration there is ONE point of contention for many viewers; the mystery of Peter Parker's parents.

The film starts by introducing Peter's parents showing the circumstances that lead to their eventual disappearance. From there we follow Peter's investigation into the truth behind the mystery, which of course leads to his becoming a Superhero and his confrontation with the Lizard. The problem is that once the plot with the Lizard gets underway the topic of Peter's parents is effectively dropped from the film and never brought up again. How annoying is that? Clearly these guys couldn't settle on which story they wanted the film to focus on. Idiots.

But, in this very way, it does what a series opener is SUPPOSED to do. First It cleverly incorporates the disappearance of Peter's parents, the origin of his powers, the death of his uncle, and his first major battle, into ONE massive 'coming-of-age' arc about Peter. Instead of trying to copy the comics (like Raimi's films) and have all of these events be separate occurrences that each happen to the same character, they coherently brought them together into one film, and presented it as a single story. ALL the while staying true to the characters and the spirit of source material.

As for unresolved threads there is only really one. Many had an issue with Peter not catching Ben's killer, but (as I pointed out in 'origin vs. adaptation') that change is not only resolved, but actually improved (in my opinion). The only major unresolved thread is about Peter's Parents. I never had a problem with it because from the very beginning it had the makings of a 'larger arc story.' And for those who complain that 'the subject was randomly dropped part way through the movie'; Webb was very careful to leave one final after-the-credits scene to remind us that he hadn't forgotten. Again, this is how a series works; by leaving us with enough room to grown into something even better."

This explains it all. Words taken right out of my mouth. I am actually bookmarking this to show to some of my friends who love the film. They mentioned the points about "unresolved" plots to me, as everyone else has, but have often said it makes them look forward to the sequels even more.

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