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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

I feel like DOFP is the perfect timing to end the First Class cast because this is the movie where the cast of the original trilogy joins them. I feel like when the movie ends, the cast of First Class will pass the *torch* to the original cast to continue the X-Men movie series. For me, we should be done with the past and just move on to the future.

I think if I was the head of FOX or if I was Lauren Shuler Donner, the sequel for First Class would be an introduction to young Cyclops, young Jean Grey, Polaris and Sunfire and Mr. Sinister would be the main villain. I'd save Days of Future Past for First Class 3 where the cast of the original cast will appear. And that way, when Days of Future Past finally happens, all of the major X-Men characters such as (Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, professor X, Magneto, Storm, Beast) would be in the same movie without bringing back the dead characters from the original trilogy.

Then after First Class 3, I would move on with X-Men 4 and the main villain would be Apocalypse. Then maybe in X5/X6 I would bring back Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. But thats not going to happen.

So right now I hope after Days of Future Past, the next three X-Men movies will be:
X-Men 4 (2016)
X-Men 5 (2018)
X-Men 6 (2020)

The gap is 2 years. No more spin-off movies for now. I just want FOX to prioritize the original X-Men movie series.

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