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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
LOL, to be fair, as much as I rip Brandon Routh's acting (and ooooohhh is it bad), he looked like Superman to me. His costume wasn't the best, but that's not his fault. Cain though... I hate that guy. He didn't have the look of the character at all and his acting was so phoned in it was laughable.

As for Welling... lol, yeah. He only marginally had the Superman look and if it is true that the CGI Superman we saw in the Smallville finale was the result of him STILL refusing to put on the Superman costume, that's pathetic. It's not like his acting career was going anywhere anyway after the show was finally, mercifully put down like a rabid, three-legged dog.

I visually did enjoy "Superman Returns" and Brandon Routh looked the part indeed, acting wise I can't judge him because of the script which was the weakest point of that movie. I wasn't a fan of his costume either, the cape was too short, the S shild too small and I also didn't like the colours of the costume overall.

It was the tv show "Superboy" I first disovered but it was thanks to the show "Lois and Clark-The new Adventures of Superman" that I felt in love with the character of Superman. I know this is considered a cheesy show but I absolutely adored it and still watch it today. In my opinion it had the best Perry White and Lois Lane to date. Dean Cain might not have been the greatest Superman ever but in my opinion he looked convincing in the costume, I liked him even better as Clark Kent! I have to admit I had a big crush on him when I was a teenager and even wrote a letter to him, 3 months later I got a signed postcard back and still treasure it. I always felt Dean Cain truly was and still is passionate about the character of Clark/Superman.

As for Tom Welling, I enjoyed the earlier seasons of "Smallville" a lot. He truly looked the part but his acting was sometimes inconsistent.
The finale was a huge let down for me, I waited 10 years to see this guy wearing the tights and then they bring us a CGI costume, seriously, this was a slap to all "Smallville" fans! I do think it was Tom Welling himself who made that decision, throughout the years he often mentioned he didn't want to wear the tights.

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