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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 19

Originally Posted by TDK elbowstrike
I hope Supermans powers will be on full display during the next trailer. I have no doubts about how they'll portray his invulnerability and super strength, and flight. However, I'm curious as to how his superspeed and heat vision will be portrayed on screen. His heat vision in the Smallville series and SR was kinda cool, but with the exception of a few of the later episodes of Smallville it didn't come across as powerful as it did in comics. When he uses heat vision in MOS I want people to be in awe. I also want to see the glowing red eyes on an angry Supes. It looks so bad@$$ in comics but if I remember correctly it hasn't been done in live action.
Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite
It's so overused in comics I don't really want to see it in live action, ever.
Yes,but for the non comic reading fans and general audience out there,to see Superman unleash full on heat vision,and the red eye thing,it will blow people's minds imo,let's give them more rather than less!

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