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Default Re: The ferry should have blown up

I disagree with the ferry blowing up. The scene is about what most serves The Dark Knight not what serves its sequel four years later that, set in the story, is eight years later.

In TDK, Batman needed to be vindicated just once against The Joker. Especially because Joker was about to make his point anyway when Gotham's White Knight Harvey Dent caved under tragedy and became a vengeful killer. The Joker already has three people trying to kill Reese and Harvey to his credit, Batman needed a moment where he could rub the Joker's nose in the fact that not everyone is like him and the world isn't as simple as the Joker espouses it to be.

I do not think a flawless movie like TDK should have changed to serve a throwaway line in TDKR. Just my opinion.

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