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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Originally Posted by cleverusername8 View Post
The reason WW is A-list is because of her place in pop culture. Anybody and almost everybody knows and could identify pictures of Wonder Woman in the general public. She's probably the third best known DC hero after Superman and Batman and before 2008, she was probably more recognizable than Iron Man.

To the people who don't want Darkseid to be CGI, I don't see where YOU guys are coming from :/ A live action man in makeup? I just cannot fathom why WB would do that. The performance capture seems reasonable, but no less than that at least.
Wonder Woman is not that A-list is you think about it. She is iconic in the same way Flash and Green Lantern are iconic, in the sense that you show a picture of them and the average Joe will recognize her but that is about it. Being an A-list iconic character means more than just that. It not only means that everyone including the GA recognizes the character but that everyone also knows some basic things about the character. Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man are recognized by everyone but at the same time, everyone knows a bit about them beyond just the look and powers. Everyone knows their origin, can sum up a "in a nutshell" about their motivations, can recognize some of their supporting cast and villains, and whenever a new movie comes out with them, their names alone are responsible for a good chunk of the sales revenue.

Iron Man falls in the same iconic category at this point. Not only you can show a picture of him to your average Joe and he will recognize him but he also has RDJ's name attached to him and the general audience knows more about him beyond just how he looks like. They know a bit about his character such as his personality, supporting characters, etc. The same can't be applied to Wonder Woman yet thus Iron Man is currently a lot more iconic than she is so I don't understand why she would be an A-list if Iron Man isn't.

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