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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

Title: has to be simple, The Batman works, something short and to the point.

Duration: Personally I prefer trilogies. They are simple, give you enough, but often times not TOO much. They're the right balance for a story arc as complex as Batman would/could/should be.

Bat Suit: All black, realistic, like the kevlar look from Nolan's trilogy. The grey would look stupid unless it's EXTREMELY dark grey, which would basically make it all black. If you're going with grey, go ahead and go to the old blue and grey look, it would look equally stupid in my opinion.

Robin: Prefer solo Batman for a trilogy, BUT if you do the trilogy without the origin (as you will see below) and introduce Robin the first movie, it could work. But it CANNOT be campy or you fight the Top Gun/Nightmare on Elm Street 2 gay issues. You don't want those in Batman.

Joker: No. Mention him, acknowledge him, but do NOT use him as a villain the reboot. Not just because of Heath Ledger's tragedy, but because it becomes a fallback. Do an overlying story arc that does NOT use him.

Gotham City: I don't like the Burton, crazy Gothic look. I prefer the Nolan, real life look. It felt like a real city.

Origin: No. Have an established Batman, a few years into his crime-fighting career. He's been fighting simple crime, mobs, whatever. The crazy villains start to come out of the woodwork from Arkham or something.

Batmobile: Sleek design, no more tank. The tumbler was a little stupid, in my book. Flying on rooftops... no thanks. Just a simple, sleek design.

Villain: Someone deep and dark. Take the transition of Batman's fight going from the mobs to the creative villains. Use Hugo Strange, working with Black Mask, Strange causes the appearance change of Black Mask, etc. etc. Perhaps do something similar to James Cromwell's character in American Horror Story Asylum. That could lead to the creation of characters like Clayface, Killer Croc, etc. Tap into the creativity BIG TIME, but keep it real. Hugo Strange and Black Mask for the first film. Strange and Killer Croc (genetically created by Strange) for the second. Strange and a reveal that the Court of Owls is overseeing the entire project and directing Strange for the third. Perhaps even an overlying arc as a side mission for Batman trying to catch serial killer Victor Zsasz.

Director: Darren Aronofsky, David Fincher or the Russos.

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