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Default Re: Any word on if this is going to resolve continuity issues from First Class?

Originally Posted by Miken Ayers View Post
Another huge inconsistency this entire thread left out is Moira.
Why is it an inconsistency?

In First Class, Moira worked for the CIA and was in her 20s. In X3, which takes place 30 years later, Moira was in her 50s and at some sort of medical/research institute.

And she may well have gone from the CIA and become a genetics expert in those 30 years. The version played by Olivia Williams in The Last Stand could have been aged anywhere between late 30s and late 50s. The fact she was a friend of Charles Xavier in that film (she was at the funeral) ties in with her knowing Charles in First Class.

It would be nice to see her in Days of Future Past, perhaps living at the mansion, having left the CIA after her treatment in First Class. Even better if they were able to show her expressing an interest in studying genetics and moving away to Scotland (perhaps having family there?) where we could imagine she would then start the Muir Island facility.

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