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Default Re: Legion (Charle's son) focus of DOFP and Wolverine time frame is setting of the fi

Originally Posted by Illuminata View Post
I love theories and I would looooove to see Legion in this movie. I just don't see FOX (especially Bryan) bringing in too many characters that complicate the plot. Plus, Xavier seems to be childless in the trilogy no mention of him at all.

Even Juggarnaut wasn't related to Charles. Those believing Singer & Co. will venture anywhere near Comicbook storylines will be once again proven wrong. Singer & Fox have ventured pretty far away from any Comicbooky scenarios in these films.

They take plot points and elements then twist them until they are bled dry and are only shells. Alan Ball does the exactly the same thing with True Blood as does Showtime's Dexter.
Having Legion be the time travler would actually perfectly match what they've done with the stories in the past and even more in line with what they've done with FC and are doing with The Wolverine. With FC they took the idea of the first group of X-Men from the comics and applied it to their film series to great effect. It wasn't a direct adaptation but it was still in the spirit of X-Men, dealing with the first Brotherhood (in the form of the Hellfire Club!, how's that for an adaptation) and the beginning of the government/society vs mutants dynamic. They take the baseline story elements from a comic arc, and threw different elements from the mythos to create their own product. Call it the David Goyer model of adaptation if you will lol. With The Wolverine they appear to be doing the same thing. So like I said, Legion as the time travler would be almost too perfect. And Charles, as we saw, was a wild man back in the day it wouldn't surprising if he had a son and didn't know about it...

OH. Another possibility is that they could use Quicksilver, Magneto's son. This could possibly make even more sense as Singer has said in the past he really wants to use Quicksilver and Magneto's libido would have been active far longer than Charles'. Hell, maybe they'll introduce both as the time travelers and they'll have a relationship similar to Charles and Magneto's from FC.

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