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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I really believe they could work, Fox just needs to make a big press release announcing their plans for the next years, like Marvel has done, with their phase 1, phase 2. (Fox doesnt need to call it 'phase', its just the idea of it)
Hmm, not sure if that's necessary for Fox. Marvel sort of has to since they have way more properties than Fox. Fox only has 3 (X-Men, Wolverine, FF). It would be redundant to announce a 4 year plan that includes sequels to sequels that were just announced as well.

If DOFP is released on 2014, 2015 should be the year where no x-men movie is released, so the hype for next movie will increase naturally for next year, 2016. We dont need 3 or 4 sequels with boths casts, just one sequel to each cast and Fox could move on with spin-offs, in case they feel the team movies have been enough.

This is how I'd do Foxs next phase:

2014: X-men Days of future past. (the real starting point)
2015: F4 reboot
2016: X-men 4
2017: First Class 3
2018: F4 sequel

One movie per year. And no more Wolverine standalone movies. They can handle one team movie each year perfectly, they are a big studio, and since Marvel have been releasing two movies a year since 2008, Fox can release only one year PERFECTLY. And it woulnt be oversaturation.

what do you all think? wouldnt the x-men fans and general viewers would love to see both a sequel to X-men 3 and a final sequel to FC?
I think Fox needs Wolverine standalone films and they can work too. Wolverine is basically a property all its own and can work independently form the the X-Men unlike other mutants. He's the only mutant that has had his own specific, on-going comic title for 20 years. To not give Wolverine his own film series is like not giving Cap, Spidey, Iron Man, Hulk, etc their own film series. Wolverine is what gives Fox an advantage over Sony in addition to FF. I'd rather them give Wolverine his own film series than to have him go back to jacking the main X-Men films as his own movies, because that's the alternative. IMO it should look like this:

2013: The Wolverine (THIS is the start of the new universe as stated by Millar)
2014: X-Men: DOFP
2015: FF
2016: Wolverine film
2017: Pseudo-rebooted X-Men film (created from the aftermath of DOFP)
2018: FF sequel
2019: Cross-over event

This would be the ideal future for Fox. I'm excited just looking at it honestly. They can really make a universe that, while not as deep as Marvel Studios' main MCU, can have a breadth of content and provide a new film every year without getting stale.

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