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Default Re: Batman/Joker Interrogation Scene vs Batman/Bane Sewer Fight

Originally Posted by TDK elbowstrike View Post
I will say that the scenes directly before jokers interrogation and directly after were stronger then the scenes directly before and after Bats/Bane sewer fight IMHO. But as self contained scenes, damn, I still can't decide. Banes sewer fight with Bats was everything I wanted and more from that scene. Even though Hardys mouth was fully covered, he emotes extremely well. The look on Banes face when h caught Batmans punch, I was like oh crap! Great acting.
Of course the scenes before the interrogation and after were stronger, because they all had this continuous story of it being around Joker and his plan going into action as soon as he was kidnapped. With TDKR, we had Bruce and Miranda having sex and when he was sent away back to the Pit we just get Selina trying to leave. No one would argue otherwise on what you said.

I was a bit perplexed though as to how Batman seemingly didn't realize he was being led to a sewer chamber under his own armory. I would think the Batman would have copies of Gothams sewer system and thus realize he was right beneath the Bat arsenal, not that it would make a difference. But he did look generally suprised to see That Tumbler drop from above him.
I didn't notice some surprise look at all. What I did see was a tiresome and worried look on Bruce Wayne's face after Bane just tore him a new one already and broke his cowl with Batman trying to see.

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