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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by magneto23 View Post
IMO some people aren't thinking clearly about whats best for this franchise and its future. The originals have nothing left save for another Wolverine film. Just look at their ages for crying out loud. McKellen and Stewart will be 75 and 74 when DOFP comes out. Berry will be 48 and Jackman 46. They are too old.
I'm not thinking whats best for this franchise and its future? So do you really think a new movie with just the cast of First Class are gonna make more money than a new movie with the original cast? I don't want FOX to make X-Men 4 just because I want to, but because I know it would be a successful movie that it would earn more money than the X-Men movie that will feature the cast of First Class. Just look at how First Class performed at the domestic box-office, especially when you inflate the numbers, the gap between First Class' domestic box-office number is way way lower compare to the domestic box-office number of the first X-Men movie.

The only thing you are worried about is Age thing which is silly. Daniel Craig is pushing 50 and look how successful SkyFall is. Plus I already mentioned before that I don't want Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart for X-Men 4 because I want the X-Men to move forward without Professor X and I want to see a new group of villains.

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