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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

of course X4 would do more. I doubt anyone will deny that.

but on the other side, we have to take into account that the very first movie of a new series, like FC with a totally new cast, wont make the same money as a previous sequel.

So with the FC great critics from press and fans, each sequel would bring even more money than the last one to Fox, so maybe by the time they do the third part, that sequel could get.... who knows? probably between 700-600 millions.

the cast would be joined with new actors too, probably a well known actor for a new villain, some new talented young actors that could become popular by that time, we really dont know what will happen with the new actors.

at the same time, both Fassbender and Jennifer will be even bigger in three years, so all of this together could bring a huge sequel. no need for a bilion worldwide, just a bigger sequel than X3.

right now DOFP will be the biggest sequel to date. thats for sure. but FC sequels can bring money to Fox too in a long run.

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