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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by magneto23 View Post
IMO some people aren't thinking clearly about whats best for this franchise and its future. The originals have nothing left save for another Wolverine film. Just look at their ages for crying out loud. McKellen and Stewart will be 75 and 74 when DOFP comes out. Berry will be 48 and Jackman 46. They are too old.
Setting the movies completely in the past is also not in their best interest. You're not considering that.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
What? would you expect Wolverine joining the past cast too??


that would be too much.

A team movie on the past consisting on


would be MORE than enough to bring an amazing x-men movie. Wolverine was the lead in the three movies of original trilogy, his Two own movies, and will appear on DOFP. The FC cast doesnt need Wolverine.
So you're saying Wolverine is never going to be in another X-Men movie? You're crazy if you think that. Wolverine is an essential part of the X-Men. While I don't agree with them making him the focal point of X-Men movies I don't think that leaving him out of them for extended periods of time works either. I'd be fine with them making the next X-Men film or two after DOFP Wolverine-less while he thrives in his own film series but not much more than that. I suppose a gap like that would create enough time for the cast to catch up to the Jean, Angel, Scott, Ice-Man, Beast roster and ready for Wolverine to meet them or something. That would match with how the original comics went. That said, I still say that sounds like a stretch story telling wise for the reasons mentioned below.

I get your points, believe me. But none can deny that the past could bring really huge movies once teen Scott, Jean and Ororo are on the building. It can be a great success, even better than X3, which was released in 2006. So we shouldnt need to worry about not having Wolverine, Rogue or Iceman.

By the time Fox released FC 3, Fassbender and McAvoy would be around 40 years old, that's more than enough to introduce young Scott and Jean. We dont need Fox to be exactly accurate with the supposed real year of their births.

Two movie with Beast, Havok, Banshee and co. and two more movies adding Scott, Jean and Storm. more supporting characters and cameos, similar to Colossus on X2, Kitty and the rest.
Once again, the quality of the movies is not the issue here. It's how it would all work into the universe they're talking about. You can't keep the X-Men set in the past if the rest of your universe is in the present. Not to mention it would be really cheesy if every X-Men from now on is a period piece. It just doesn't work.

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