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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
He's saying its going to be a 100% fail no mater what and I'm saying its all about the execution.
*I* said that? Show me where I said that.

I said that *if* it turns out to follow Matt Fraction's storyline, then Pepper Potts becomes quite literally "Iron Woman" --- same arc reactor in her chest, same suit, same change of focus from CEO to superheroine. And *if* that's the route they take with Rescue, then fanboys, general audiences, and movie critics alike are going to cry "ripoff" and IM3 will get the same negative press as its predecessor.

If it's just a one-time case of Pepper putting on one of Tony's suits in a scene to help him out of a big jam when his back is to the wall, I don't think anybody's gonna balk. It's the idea of turning Pepper into something she's not --- i.e., a superhero --- that would have audiences rolling their eyes.


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