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Default Re: How do little children react to Nolan's Batman?

I was working parking outside of an arena where "Batman LIVE!" was performed this weekend. Both last night and tonight I saw several Father/son costumed duos. Not directly related to these films at all, but as for Batman in general, his popularity is still going perfectly strong.

Slightly more on topic, backin in October I was working a face painting booth at a carnival in my hometown. We had a number of halloween related designs offered including a bat. One kid, about 10 asked me if I knew how draw batman symbols, specifically asking for "the one with the straight wings." Being fairly handy with facepaint, this was no problem and the kid walked away with the Nolan batsymbol on his forehead. Not long after many more kids came to the booth asking for the same, on their faces or on their arms. At one point I had about 15 kids, 7-12, lined up. I'll always remember that day. It was a lot of fun.

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