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Default Re: Ant-Man Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
The only way I'd accept Lang is if he is/were a side character and of roughly the same age bracket as Pym. Marvel like to micromanage their movies, so I don't think (hopefully) Lang will be made a major player and an Avenger to boot.

I'm staggered that there's still uncertainty whether A-M should be mainly about Hank + Janet. Like I said in another thread, if Wright - even though I like his style and it would suit an A-M film - is insistent on making Lang the main player, someone else should do the movie.

Things are looking mightily grim. We may not get Ant-Man & Wasp into TA2, and - going by the current situation/hearsay - even if they did make it, it could be Scott ****ing Lang as Ant-Man and who knows who as the Wasp!
I still think a modern 80s-90s Avenger trinity of Lang as Ant-Man, Pym as Giant-Man, and Janet as Wasp works best.


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