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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

that's the issue.

to see a whole series since the 60's to the 80's is a too good idea to forget it now, with such a great beggining.

Guys, believe me, two series at the same time would be a smart move and WOULD WORK. They are two totally different cast, so the general audience wont see it as repetitive. and by the time young Scott and Jean are introduced in the past, X-men 5 probably wouldnt have Jean anymore, or Beast.

The problem Fox had in the past is that they DIDNT see the huge potencial of the x-men franchise. Now its Time to really go ill FULL Force.

And IF one day one sequel recieves less than 400$ millions worlwide, they can stop that series on that right moment.

But to stop it now would be a really wrong decision.

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