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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Because those are his favourites, nothing strange about that.

I didn't realise I could vote for more than one film. My list use to be different because I keep changing my mind. Though the top 3-4 should be pretty stable from now on I think. Anyway, here's my list at this moment:

1) The Dark Knight
2) The Amazing Spider-Man
3-4) The Dark Knight Rises / Batman Begins (tie)
5) The Avengers
6) Iron Man
7) Captain America
8-9) Spider-Man / Spider-Man 2 (tie)
10) X2 / X-Men: First Class (tie)

Spider-Man 3 - somewhere far below, though definitely not Ghost Rider bad.
I wish you could vote over again. Oh well.

I watched the Dark Knight again, and although it is a spectacular film, I don't think it has as much re-watch value as I thought. I think that goes with any film though, but if I'm not in the mood, I just can't watch it. Spider-Man 2 I can easily watch, especially since it explores several generes: action/adventure, drama, romance, comedy, and even some horror. TDK is the better "film," but I think Spider-Man 2 is the better "comic book movie."

BTW thanks for sharing your lists and voting, guys!

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