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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 19

Im glad to see that people here aren't as gullible as they seem to be on that other site and on FB. I mean, seriously? An anonymous person (originating from IMDb forums it seems) sends a trailer description and says ´´It's not fake, you'll see`` and people go ´´Hmm...sounds legit! AWESOME!``. I mean, really? If memory serves me right there was a ton of fake trailer descriptions for the first full length TDKR trailer last year. And the real description came only a day or two before the trailer.

One thing that makes this easy to spot as a fake is that it doesn't mention anything of Zod in way of dialogue. EVERY SINGLE movie of this type had spoken lines by the villains the their first full length trailer. EVERY ONE. At least according to my memory. Joker, Bane, Loki you name it. So Im supposed to believe that the trailer will feature nothing from Zod? Who will no doubt be one of the major selling points and a highlight of the film? BS!

Secondly, Snyder has been saying since the beginning on how he thinks Superman needs to be physical, needs to kick ass how this Superman IS physical and how he wanted to make him beat the s**t out of people. And of course the main selling point of these films is action. The trailer description only mentions flames and a building collapsing. I am not expecting too much of the fight sequences in this trailer but you can bet that there WILL be a clear indication that this Superman is one to kick your ass.

Thirdly, that Pa Kent line? Yeah, not happening, can't see it.

And lastly, Snyder sounded very excited over his ´´crazy`` trailer. This isn't really crazy. Not Snyder crazy anyway.

I also believe that since the trailer will be presented in 3D as well, that they will likely include some crazy action sequences to impress the crowd and get the word out.

Now I only wonder how many of these fake descriptions will we have to endure in the next 6 days. Though I think we might get a real description closer to Friday.

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