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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 19

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
I don't know what's real or what isn't at this point, but if there's one thing Snyder is never stingy on, it's his trailers. Sucker Punch might have been an awful movie, but the trailer was epic. Trailers for Watchmen and 300 were also visually stunning. I can't imagine the full trailer for MoS to be anything short of fantastic, regardless of what tone they take with it.
Exactly. I mean, I personally wouldn't mind if the trailer was like in the description (minus the Pa Kent line). I wouldn't mind if it was 2/3 CC footage or no fights or whatever. At this point, I'll take what I can get and either way Im sure it's going to be stunning plus it's only 6 months until the movie comes out and we'll be getting more and more news (not like the last 5 months of almost nothing) and a final trailer in 3-4 months time. But Im looking at this realistically, looking at the patterns, at what we know, looking at the big picture and using common sense. And that description is FAKE.

The trailer WILL feature: Krypton, dialogue from Zod, Superman in battle (perhaps not full on but an indication of it anyway), dialogue from Lois and at least 2 big money shots (among the few smaller ones). And you can quote me on that!

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