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Default Re: Representation in Marvel

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
I think the assumption for most characters who don't outright state that they're something specific is that they're theists who identify as Christian, usually some denomination of protestant. That's how the majority of Americans are.

As for the issue of Christian characters often being portrayed as bad guys: It seems to me that there's this sense that most Christian folks keep their faith as a relatively private matter, and the ones who advertise it are usually close minded fire and brimstone evangelists. It's not a totally unreasonable view, the fundamentalist types tend to be the loudest and best advertised. Plus, unlike other minority religions like Judaism or Islam, which have traditionally faced bigotry and intolerance to some degree or another in this country, there's never been a demand on Christianity from our society to justify it's existence. There's never been a need within the community to galvanize itself and show solidarity and conviction with overt displays of cultural pride. So while it might be expected of a proud Jewish person to declare that they are a proud Jewish person to oppose a culture that sometimes takes issue with that notion, it's generally expected that a proud Christian person wouldn't make a big deal about it because there's no real need to, as the culture is much more on their side in this regard. Thus overt displays of Christian religiosity are more associated with the much louder and more visible types who are trying to force their beliefs on others, which is inarguably a bad thing.
I can agree with all that.

Also, as someone who's from a very strongly Episcopalian family, I have to ask, why do you find yourself unable to relate to Catholic characters?
I can relate but there is a pretty strong difference in practice. If I "needed" someone to relate to then a Catholic character would be fine, but it'd be nice to see a Penticostal or Baptist character who aren't all about the hellfire and brimstone... or killing mutants.

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