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Default Re: Batman/Joker Interrogation Scene vs Batman/Bane Sewer Fight

Yeah, gotta go with the interrogation scene. Both scenes are classics in my mind, but that scene is just too iconic...Joker/Batman getting their face to face meeting ala Pacino/Deniro in Heat, which then erupts into one of the most suspenseful moments of the entire trilogy. "You have NOTHING to threaten me with" might just be my favorite delivery from Heath in the whole movie.

It's really to take nothing away from the Batman/Bane scene though. It's deliciously brutal, everything Bane says is golden, and it gets a lot of "geek points" for being so faithful to that iconic moment from the comics. And just super memorable in general for being the only scene in any Batman film where Batman is beaten within an inch of his life.

Just thought of another parallel between the scenes both cases there are onlookers to the meeting of the titans. In TDK it's Gordon and the MCU, in TDKR it's Bane's men and Catwoman.

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