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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

I think DOFP will be the swan song for many actors of the original X-Mem trilogy. Some of these guys and girls are getting a lot older and some may want to take their careers in a a different direction.

DOFP might just be the antidote they need to come in do something fun and create something classic, that will bring excitement and pleasure to both the general audience and fans. But this doesn't mean they in for the long haul.

Some might say Halle needs the X-Men franchise for her career, she might feel like she doesn't.

If they do X4 I say just allow whoever wants to return to do so, and leave out who ever doesn't. There are tons of X-Men characters to build franchises around, we don't need to do Jean, Cyclops and Storm.

And if they do move forward with both FC2 and X4, they definitly can make it work. I don't think the FC series will be limited to the 60's. the sequels could be set in 80's and 90's which I think is more or less the golden age of the X-Men anyway.

X4 could go a whole new route and maybe come with something that's akin to X-Force, with a team that would feature some firmiliar faces from the OT and some new ones as well. While XFC could go with young Cyclops, Jean and Storm joining the team. But it wouldn't make sense to have the same characters be the focus in two films, that would take place at two different films. That's why those characters should only be used in one of those films.

But after DOFP I think a XFC 2 will get greenlit before x4 for the simple reason being, that Fassbender and Lawrence are real hot properties! Before this whole DOFP, XFC2 was greenlit, and the only reason it was pushed back, was to accommodate Lawerence so that she could film Catching Fire, so I highly doubt that Fox would let her go!!

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