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Default Re: Amazing Spidey Video Game Thread. - - - - - - Part 15

On that note, here's something I thought about.
This last "movie" game was ok, but not spectacular or particularly deep in its mechanics. When the developers talked about it, I remember them saying they would have made Peter's apartment interactive, which to an extent they did, but that comes down to a simple wardrobe with costumes and level selection. We didn't get to really "mend" our costume, rest, restore stamina or all the things that were rumored about. Some skills you could unlock were almost unnecesary to me, I felt like most moves should have been available to him from the start.
It was pretty underwhelming to me, actually. I am aware that Activision shouldn't be trusted at this point, but still, I really wished for a great game for the webhead.

Wouldn't it have been better if they just made Spidey swing around the Queens area only, much like in the first part of the movie, or like the first section of The ultimate spider-man game? That way, they could have implemented a grounded swinging system, similar to Spider-Man 2 the movie game, they could have actually make you feel like you ARE attached to something and that there's danger and some effort involved in doing so. They could have focused on that area, instead of having to poorly render a huge city like NY. They could have easily made enemies and stuff re-spawn, made them different and challenging as the game progressed.

Oh, and am I the only one bummed by the fact that we can't see Peter's face once throurought the entire game? Ugh.
Really, it's a game based on a movie where Peter had more screen-time than Spidey. A Peter Parker skin would have been nice. The fact they wanted to make you feel like you are Spider-man and went for the first-person wiew sounded like a poor and lazy excuse to me.

Excuse my rambling, I've been wanting to talk about this for some time and I finally got that out of my chest. What do you think?

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