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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by M-2 View Post
And if they do move forward with both FC2 and X4, they definitly can make it work. I don't think the FC series will be limited to the 60's. the sequels could be set in 80's and 90's which I think is more or less the golden age of the X-Men anyway.
Glad to see someone see the big deal too.

And agree about most of your points, if not all. If they do X4, it could be the last sequel where Wolverine and Storm appears, and then continue the present timeline with the younger actors from X1-X3 and some new faces, and as you say, they could connect it with a possible X-factor or whatever team movie they want next.

Sooo, in the hypotetical case Storm and Wolverine appear in X4, the third part of FC could still focus on Beast, Havok, Banshee and adding Polaris and Sunfire as some fans have suggested. And in a possible fourth movie, young Storm could be introduced finally, the same as Scott and Jean.

The only character that would repeat on FC3 and X4 would be Beast, but its not a big deal after all. Just one x-men. The rest would be totally different from FC.

Its a smart plan. both movies could get a pretty decent profit, without the need to get the billion mark. That isnt needed. 500$ millions for each movie would be pretty fine for the x-men franchise. And they could even make more, so again.... WHAT's the real problem???? Lol

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