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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 19

Originally Posted by X Knight View Post
and heck, that line may never even be in the

trailers do that all the time.

just look at the Amazing Spider-man trailers. they had stuff/lines that weren't even in the final film......."Do you think what happened to you was an accident, Peter?"

The trailers for Disney's Tangled had scenes that weren't in the movie. heck, the vibe those trailers gave off were TOTALLY different from the actual

like, the early trailers had Rapunzel in the shadows, stalking Flynn with her hair, like a horror movie. and then there was that scene where Flynn yells "Rapunzel, let down your hair" and her hair falls on him and crushes him and the horse laughs ( which also made it look like Flynn and Maximus the horse were friends from the beginning ).

none of that was in the actual film........
Ha ha to be fair most of the trailers/TV spots for the Amazing Spider-Man featured more deleted scenes that actual footage that was in the film

It does happen a lot though its really annoying

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