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Question Do you listen to custom music while playing games?

I have a ton of music on my hard drives for 360&PS3 and I often listen to them while playing music But mostly for online multiplayer since a lot of games have constant cut-scenes and I like to watch&pay attention to them..Even though I always have subtitles on.

The following are games I currently have&type of music I listen with them..

GTA IV-My whole music But mostly Disco(yes I love funky retro)/Techno and different Rock bands.

Red Dead Redemption-Movie themes such as Back to the Future/Jurassic Park/Indiana Jones/Terminator/Superman/Mission Impossible/Speed and James Bond

WWE All Stars&WWE'13-My whole music But mostly Wrestling Theme songs

Assassins Creed III-300/Lord of the Rings&Star Wars soundtracks

Max Payne 3-Different Rock bands

Batman:Arkham City-Batman 60's TV theme and all Movie themes

Madden NFL'13-Different Rock bands and Hip-Hop

Call of Duty:Black Ops II-Different Rock bands

It pumps me up!

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