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Default Re: Amazing Spidey Video Game Thread. - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
I agree about not showing Peter's face being a bummer, but if they added one more face it could have cost them more money and cause more glitches, which is a sad possibility with Activision

When it comes to danger they made him hang on webs to save himself, but when they said he makes a web net I was looking forward to something he rests on to cushion his fall

As for Queens, the threat was focused in Manhattan, the story had to stay there. And to my dismay and dislike to say this; Web of Shadows did right what Beenox didn't when it comes to putting a city in quarantine, they placed barricades and destroyed a bridge
Well yeah, it had to be set in Manhattan, but still, that plot wasn't THAT exciting for several reasons:

The infection storyline was indeed done better with Web of Shadows, which I played not too long ago (that game has lot of issues when it comes to characters though).

Resorting to mechanical enemies, robots and stuff was weak. I can't believe they couldn't come up with human enemies, with Spidey's rogue gallery being so vast!
Nearly every boss battle has Spidey facing a mindless enemy or a feral beast.
Props to them for including some villain cameos (Mr. Negative's one comes to mind) but still that came off more like a tease to me and it felt frustrating. Gimme human villains to beat up!

So yeah, I'm wondering if coming up with a grounded plot would have made for a better game overall.

Alistair was the only villain with some motivation...
On a side note, it's funny how once you beat the game, you unlock the equivalent to Man-Spider. It's almost as if they implied that he was right and that spidey too could have become a menace for the city if it wasn't for whatever his blood contains
Maybe I'm reading too much into that and they didn't even mean it, but I thought that little detail was clever.

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