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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by Raoul Duke View Post
i enjoyed this film a lot. but it's incredibly sloppy, especially with the editing. it's also strangely paced and the screenplay seems like it could have done with a bit more fine tuning.

the day to night in under 8 minutes in the stock exchange scene is just amazingly sloppy for a big budget film directed by someone like nolan. and the final act and everything leading up to it seems very disjointed. we keep cutting from bruce in the pit back to gotham back to bruce in the pit back to gotham numerous times with no real sense of the time frame. and with the finale being so break neck the twist and the demise of bane and talia just seems too rushed. i think a lot of fat could have been cut out of the middle sections which would have allowed the final act to breathe a little bit. the film is also still plagued with some strange dialogue. why does the clean slate need to be explained to a character who knows what it is anyway? and the exchange of dialogue between modine's character (who is perhaps the single worst character in this entire trilogy, writing and acting wise) and the guy at the stock exchange about the nature of the stock market and the money was incredibly on the nose and silly.

i'd say it's a film driven by it's great performances and set pieces. it's the best performance bale has given as batman, by quite a margin. he goes through all the emotions and does it well. hathaway is stunning as catwoman. sexy, smart, witty and unpredictable. hardy as bane was also fantastic, although at first i didn't like the voice he chose, it definitely grew on me. i loved the scene where bane broke batman, even if the actual combat was disappointingly average. hardy was clearly having a lot of fun taunting batman there.

overall i'd give this film a solid 8. there is a lot to like about it. but in the end, it's very, very sloppy on a technical film making level. not enough to ruin my enjoyment of it however. although i don't think it will hold up to repeat viewings.
Ditto. Your review pretty much sums up my feeling on the film.

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