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Default Re: The unESCABLE DC Boards Lounge 9.8

Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
Superman is having his cousin and his dog try to shave him using x ray vision

Suddenly the stuff I do when I'm drunk doesnt seem so ridiculous

Originally Posted by sandwraith View Post
But I like going to the Comic Shop mainly for the plethora of other things like T-Shirts and Action Figures and stuff. Not to mention being able to browse titles I might not buy at first glance. My usual trip to the shop which is usually once every two month these days has me picking up all my pulls plus 3 or 4 titles I want to try and an oddball purchase like a Minimate. Plus it gives me an excuse to go out for a walk.
I like going to my comic store too

The people there are really friendly and I love browsing the comics and trades and all the neat toys they have there as well as having dvd's and fun stuff like the heroclix toys from DC. got myself some of the new Marvel figures there this week they're really well made

My girlfriend keeps making my Mr Sinister figure grope my Gambit one though

I feel their plastic eyes judging me

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