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Default Re: Batman/Joker Interrogation Scene vs Batman/Bane Sewer Fight

Really hard to say. I picked the Joker scene but I think the Bane beating is probably even more effective when I think about it. I wasn't even able to pay attention after the back breaking. I zoned out for the part where Blake is searching for Bruce the first time I saw it. that fight was just so brutal. The Bane encounter not only had the physical debasement, but Bane ridiculed Bats in a way the Joker never would. That scene felt like watching my childhood getting destroyed. It's so sad to see Batman hiding in the shadows and Bane just reach out and grab him. The two scenes work really well together. Joker builds up Batman as something important to Gotham, while Bane strips away all of Batman's significance and it makes it even more devastating.

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