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Default Re: The New Stuff I Got Thread Reboot - Part 2

Originally Posted by Lord Valumart View Post
Well no, because comics are about the content. To me a comic is worth £2.20 because I enjoy the art work, the writer, the characters, etc. Autographs are a fun thing to collect when you've met people. I get comic related people to sign a bag I take to every con. I have bought an autograph before, but it wasn't much more expensive than the comic was going for without the autograph so I didn't see the point in not getting.

But anyhow, those people aren't buying it for the content. the content of the TDKR dvd is still going to be worth £5 is a few months. So people buying these thigns are just buying a lump of plastic that isn't going to hold it's value in the slightest.
I'm with Kane on this one, different people like collecting different things. And it so happens that a lot of people love collecting movie related memorabilia. Ticket stubs, statues, action figures, posters, cups etc. In this case, a broken Batman cowl that's so symbolic would be a very nice thing to have on your display, and it being limited edition makes it even more collectible.

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