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Default Re: 85th Annual Academy Awards (2013)

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
I wonder who can take on ZDT? Lincoln? The Master? SLP? Argo? The mixed reviews for Les Miz makes me think that it's not the strong BP contender that I initially thought it was. I have no doubts that Hathaway will win Supp Actress and someone other than her from the cast would get a nod (Jackman/Crowe/Redmaybe/Barks) but I don't think it's the 2nd strongest one after ZDT for BP.
Les Mis is going to get support from the actors branch regardless of mixed reviews. Argo as good as it is I think is going to lose steam. To me the big unknown is where Django fits, so far word is extremely good for it and if that proves to be right maybe, just maybe it might be Quentin's time.

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