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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Originally Posted by Willi Berg View Post
The government could set up something to keep an eye on them, like the Green Lantern movie tried to do with the Amanda Waller character. The government would be in a panic if there was an alien invasion and the emergence of vigilante superheroes.

I agree, that's why I'm hoping there's more to it than that.

I'm hoping that Darkseid influences events and people around the world, criminals, villains, so that it won't just be a parademon invasion from the get-go, with nothing else. As well as a direct battle against Darkseid himself.
Yep that's what I meant by Cadmus. It's actually an understandable move on the government's part. Like in real events, since countries have been showing signs of having nuclear weapons, we've gotten wary of their development and have set up all kinds of policies and even started conflicts to make sure they aren't used against us. It's just the basics of survival to try to counteract the most powerful force in the ecosystem.

And to separate Parademons from Chitauri, they could make the Parademons intelligent or at least somewhat so. The Chitauri were the typical mindless henchmen types who's only strength were their numbers. The Parademons should be formidable foes individually as well as collectively. If we see any one of the heroes struggling to take down just one of them in a 1v1 then it'd set the tone for how dramatic of a threat Darkseid's army poses. This was the problem with the lack of danger in Avengers: they were picking off the aliens too easily. Pretty much nothing touched the heroes except in scenes that were constructed for dramatic effect.

Also the Parademons should perform parts in Darkseid's plan rather than just charge in a straight line like the Chitauri. They should be sabotaging, infiltrating, spying, stealing, and the like rather than just being foot soldiers. Maybe even allow some of them to talk so we see that they're intelligent and not just a hive mind.

Or, and this wouldn't be as preferable but, they could not include them at all and just have Darkseid and his posse. It could work, but I don't know :/

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