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Default Re: "The Walking Dead" General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by bullets View Post
Oh yeah, Morales chose to go a different route . I can't believe I forgot about that , lol. I kept thinking they were screwed , but it should be interesting to see some of the original cast return.

I just checked out the facebook game , it's kind of fun . My character looks like Nicolas Cage. . It's a strange that we get a group of survivors that are either from the show or made up for the game. I'm guessing Summer and her Mom are expendables.Hopefully Daryl and Michonne join the group at some point
I haven't seen either yet but I am just starting Season 1 but I have seen a few others so far. It's kind of like the other TWD game where some characters come in and out of the story.

My character kind of looks like Colin Farrell when he was Bullseye.

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