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Default Re: OFFICIAL Guardians of Galaxy Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Christopher_M View Post
the thing of it is, I don't disagree with you..Olga was bland enough to land an action heavy role in Universal's Oblivion, a pretty sizable film.. I think she might have a better role there.. if you look at how Sif and Widow have been used so far.. they're supporting characters but like characters such as Rhodey, Fandral and Bucky only have a certain amount of depth to them.. mostly they're there to throw blows and sometimes toss out a line or two..Gamora could be more developed than them but I doubt it.. it's going to be all about Star-Lord's adventure.., it's not.
Guardians of the Galaxy is a team effort, not Star-Lord 'n' Friends. (Star Lord isn't enough of a presence to dominate this or any other team; he's just the de facto leader of a squad of very independent misfits.)

Gamora, like the rest of the crew, needs to be a full-fledged character in her own right, not just some generic sidekick who's there for looks. Whoever plays her needs to convey not just a pretty face and some generic ass-kickery; she needs to bring bloodshot-eyed bloodlust and a lethal sexiness to the role. Gamora needs to be someone that EVERYONE fears --- even the good guys.


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