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Default Re: Can you track the comic source?

Originally Posted by VenomShock View Post
Agreed on both accounts. I've NEVER understood how people can think Bane is a lackey, especially seeing as HE does all of the decision making and the work, Talia merely passes information. It seems like a mutual goal that required Bane's skills as a strategist.

And with Blake, there's totally plenty to attribute there. Like the fact that Blake's own anger leads him to become a police officer (which Bruce could've potentially done had he not realized early on that the "struture was shackles") and hell, the fact that he was a child with an overactive imagination who not only understood "the look" but probably could determine (like most of us) what Batman would need to operate: money. The biggest thing about Bruce Wayne's image has always been his playboy facade, even in the graphic novel "Year One" Gordon and Co. almost immediately suspect him, but are convinced otherwise by the fact that Bruce is a completely immature/spoiled rich-boy. The fact that John Blake sees through this barrier, as well as has his own experiences to go off of, gives him a leg up above others in discovering the identity of the Batman.
This is my exact line of thinking on the issue.

The real conceit isn't John Blake figuring out that Bruce Wayne is Batman- it's that nobody else does. The source of this conceit is that Bruce puts on the playboy facade to throw Gotham off the scent. As Alfred warns Bruce in BB, people would have reason to suspect what someone like Bruce Wayne did with his time and his money if he didn't give them a reason not to.

Blake sees Bruce's facade in action (Bruce showing up at the orphanage with a hot date, etc.)) and sees it for the construct it is. He's the only person in the trilogy that actually is able to intuit that. Even Gordon in TDK witnesses Bruce Wayne do something extremely heroic, and he's even about to commend him for this when he's completely fooled by Bruce's act.

The idea is that if you had a reason to suspect that there was more...nay a LOT more, to Bruce Wayne than meets the eye, it wouldn't be all that hard to tie him to Batman. The movie uses a bit of melodrama by making it a scenario where the only guy to ever get this kind of hunch about Bruce is another orphan who has pent up anger about his parents' murders. But even that is a nice homage to the idea of who Robin is and what he represents to Bruce.

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