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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
X-Men: First Class didn't even reach the 400 million mark. You are being way optimistic. The only way I can see these First Class movies getting a decent profit, is if they lower down the budget ($50 million to $100 million) which is not going to happen.
Yeah but FC came after two bad X-Men films. People were getting tired on spending money on crap. The promotional material for FC wasn't that great either, and it was the first X film with an all new cast, so that didn't help either.

If anything FC revitalized the X-Men franchise, moving forward it will definitly do better. As most film sequels do. It's a rare for a sequel to do less then its predecessor.

And with DOFP as potentially being passing the torch somewhat, fans of the OT that may have not watched FC might decide to go back and watch it. And give FC2 a chance. Besides I'm sure Vaughn and Singer will try and ramp the action and refresh the story so that it doesn't get repetitive.

I think FC2 will be very profitable, if DOFP is done to perfection.

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