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Default Re: Darkseid is the Villain in Justice League

Originally Posted by cleverusername8 View Post
Also the Parademons should perform parts in Darkseid's plan rather than just charge in a straight line like the Chitauri. They should be sabotaging, infiltrating, spying, stealing, and the like rather than just being foot soldiers. Maybe even allow some of them to talk so we see that they're intelligent and not just a hive mind.

Or, and this wouldn't be as preferable but, they could not include them at all and just have Darkseid and his posse. It could work, but I don't know :/
I wouldn't mind if the focus isn't on the Parademons. Them just invading could get repetitive really quickly.

It would be good to see them do more than just mindlessly attack.

Getting a glimpse of each hero doing acts of heroism in the city but the public backlashing due to the destruction that follows. A plot point could be the heroes trying to manage the level of destruction that their battles bring about.
Not just the destruction but the idea of superpowered beings even existing. "Man of Steel" will explore that and now there will be even more "superheroes" - aliens, humans, Amazons etc. That opens up a whole can of worms about what's out there (aliens, gods etc.) and the people of Earth will react and have to get used to that. And initially fear that.

Not that I think that the movie has to dwell on that, but I think it should explore that aspect a bit more than the Avengers movie did.

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