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Default Re: OFFICIAL Guardians of Galaxy Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Christopher_M View Post
the thing of it is, I don't disagree with you..Olga was bland enough to land an action heavy role in Universal's Oblivion, a pretty sizable film.. I think she might have a better role there.. if you look at how Sif and Widow have been used so far.. they're supporting characters but like characters such as Rhodey, Fandral and Bucky only have a certain amount of depth to them.. mostly they're there to throw blows and sometimes toss out a line or two..Gamora could be more developed than them but I doubt it.. it's going to be all about Star-Lord's adventure..
This attitude sucks. You always cast the best possible actor/ actress for the role, and if the character is minor, you cast the best possible actor/ actress who won't cost too much.

Why fans want to go with actresses like Olga and Jessica Biel, who are both pricey and lame, baffles me. (and don't say because they're hot. There are plenty of hot actresses with more talent.)

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