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Default Re: Why no Swamp Thing, Plastic-Man or Animal-Man as a guest on JL TAS?

Originally Posted by Hordakfan View Post
I would have loved to see them on the show back then especially with ST who needs a comeback and same for Plastic-Man who just got a comeback on Brave and The Bold.
Originally Posted by ShredderX View Post
I think because Swamp Thing was more of a vertigo, horror-type comic, and I guess the producers didn't think he fit in with a mainstream audience like kids, even though he did have a short-lived animated series and toyline in 1991. Not really sure about plastic man or animal man.
I think Plastic Man had a TV/film rights issue during that period that got resolved a couple of years ago when the "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" series was out. There might have been a similar thing going on with Swamp Thing since he had some films in the 1980's and a TV series in the 1990's.

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