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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I'm still waiting for the Spider-Man film that I think deserves to be called great and will blow everyone's minds away. It would be a shame if a member of the "Big Three" superheroes (Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man) doesn't get that film in live-action when 2 out of the Big Three have already got an epic great movie like that at least once or twice.

It's time to get serious, Sony. You have your first good, accurate, and up-to-date Spider-Man adaptation. You got your perfect cast. You got the right tone. You got the origin out of the way. You got the burden of rebooting a big franchise out of the way. Now it's time to get serious. Give us that great Spider-Man movie that deserves to be considered one of the greatest comic book movies ever made and in the top 10. I really hope TASM 2 will be just this.

I don't think Sony has any interest in doing anything truly great. They just want to keep punching the buttons that have made them 3 billion ww. A slight recallibration like TASM, but nothing transformative. We'll get some good films and nothing more. Nolan happened because Batman hit rock bottom and WB allowed him to excercise his talents as a result. The terrible SM3 was the biggest Spidey film to date financially, far from rock bottom. Never had Superman lows either which is why we have Nolan godfathering MoS.

Will Webb have the control over this that Nolan had? I doubt it myself. Sadly, it feels like Spidey needs to fail big in order be saved from mediocrity. And at that point he'd revert back to meddling Marvel Studios and it's cookie cutter ways. Basically he's stuck for the forseeable future. We may not get a trancendent Spider-Man film for twenty + years

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